(All-round) Yacht Painter

Would you like to paint luxury yachts to perfection for Bonsink Yacht Painters so they can shine on the highest stage in international waters?

This is what you will be doing:

As an (all-round) yacht painter, you will ensure the proper protection for the yacht. You ensure you apply the products to the correct layer thickness and use the corresponding techniques. This means you know when to use a brush, roller or spray. You consider all safety regulations and ensure that all materials and tools are present. You will also help arrange auxiliary structures and suitable shielding.

What we ask of you:

A motivated attitude and the desire to learn this special trade. You can work independently but also in a team. Experience as a painter or construction sprayer is an advantage.

This is what we offer you:

extensive in-house training, a varied job with good conditions and a competitive salary with a top-class international yacht painter.

Bonsink Yacht Painters

Bonsink Yacht Painters is an internationally renowned top-quality yacht painter. Our specialists give your yacht the appearance it deserves. This literally yields a ‘brilliant’ end result!

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