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Yacht painting is our core business, but we can do much more. From the maintenance of your paintwork to providing a complete refit, to the application of high-quality wood imitation and the finishing of real woodwork.

New construction

Do you have a yard and are you working on the realization of a new yacht? Then a good yacht painter is indispensable. We provide your new construction project with paintwork that is befitting a top-class yacht.

More about new construction
New construction

Maintenance & Refit

Yachts also need maintenance. We ensure that your yacht retains its appearance and we correct any imperfections. We do this at the location you prefer, whether that is in the Netherlands or on the other side of the world. We always take into account the weather conditions and local possibilities.

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Wood imitation

Is it not possible to use more luxurious types of wood on certain parts of your yacht? No worries, our skilled painters are very adept at creating wood imitations.

More about wood imitation
Wood imitation

Wood finish

From teak to mahogany or cherry, our specialists manufacture the most beautiful wood finishes. This is possible for new construction as well as maintenance projects.

More about wood finish
Wood finish

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The craftsmanship of our employees allows us to give premium yachts the look they deserve. Their expertise and insights always deliver quality that radiates. To ensure continued quality and excellence in the future, we welcome (aspiring) new craftsmen to our enthusiastic team.

Discover our vacancies
Discover our vacancies - Bonsink Yacht Painters
Bonsink Yacht Painters

Bonsink Yacht Painters is an internationally renowned top-quality yacht painter. Our specialists give your yacht the appearance it deserves. This literally yields a ‘brilliant’ end result!

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